Verdicts & Settlements

$2.4 Million & $1.5 Million Settlements for Truck Accident

We obtained settlements of $2.4 million and $1.5 million for two clients that were involved in a collision on I-95 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our clients had pulled onto the shoulder of I-95 in an attempt to aid another motorist when a pick-up truck hydroplaned, veered off of the roadway, and struck our clients’ vehicle.

Tractor-Trailer Accident Recovery $135,000

A $135,000 recovery in a motor vehicle accident case involving a collision by an out of state tractor-trailer with the plaintiff alleging neck and back injuries.

Mail Truck Settlement $375,000

A settlement with the US Postal Service in the sum of $375,000.00 was obtained for injuries suffered by a plaintiff who was run over by a mail truck. Injuries included fractured ribs and a broken wrist.

Multiple Vehicle Accident Recovery $150,000

A plaintiff was involved in a 3 car disputed accident on Interstate 95. Our client eventually required surgery on her shoulder. This matter was tried in front of a Federal Court Arbitration Panel and an award of $ 150,000.00 was entered.


Other Delaware Verdicts & Settlements

Fall from a Balcony Recovery $250,000

A recovery of $250,000 in a fall from a balcony case where the plaintiff alleged that his balcony railing was defectively repaired by an employee of the apartment complex. Several months after the repair the plaintiff leaned against the railing and fell down approximately 8 feet onto the ground sustaining facial and lower back injuries.

Slip and Fall Recovery $150,000

A recovery of $150,000 in a slip and fall case on ice following a very significant snowstorm. To diffuse defendants’ argument that there was not enough time between the snowstorm and plaintiff s accident to allow for adequate snow removal and to challenge defendants’ claim that the snow and ice were removed in an adequate fashion, plaintiff hired a property management expert and a weather expert. Combined, these experts concluded that the apartment complex was negligent in their snow removal and acted in an untimely manner.