Truck Accidents Caused by Aggressive Driving

Individuals involved in trucking accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries due to the massive size, weight and force of these types of vehicles. Aggressive driving by a truck driver is inexcusable behavior that unfortunately is one the common causes of a truck accident. When a commercial truck driver engages in aggressive driving behaviors, the result is often severe injury to innocent drivers who then require extensive medical care. In order to avoid the financial burden of mounting medical bills, damages may be recovered by consulting with a truck accident lawyer experienced in truck accident lawsuits.

Aggressive driving behaviors that may be displayed by commercial truckers include:

  • Tailgating another vehicle. When a trucker does not allow adequate space between their big rig and another vehicle, results can be disastrous. A truck driver that tailgates another vehicle is typically unable to stop with enough time or room to avoid a car accident.
  • Recklessly passing another vehicle without any regard for the other motorist.
  • Making unnecessary and unsafe lane changes.
  • Driving at excessive speeds over the legally allowable limit.
  • Showing disregard for traffic signals including running red lights.
  • Directing rude hand gestures or abusive speech at another motorist.
  • Showing complete disregard for other motorists.

Individuals who suffer truck accident injuries as a result of aggressive driving by a truck driver need the assistance of a seasoned truck accident lawyer who is familiar with how truck accidents differ from typical car accidents. A skilled Delaware truck accident lawyer will ensure that a thorough truck accident investigation is conducted to obtain compensation to cover future medical treatments and expenses, property damage, lost wages, any permanent disabilities, and pain and suffering. Peter Janczyk, Esq. has successfully obtained substantial settlements and verdicts for Delaware truck accident victims of aggressive driving.

Delaware Truck Accident Lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP Represent Those Injured by Aggressive Driving Truck Accidents

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