Truck Accident Investigations

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in Delaware

Truck accidents occur due to human error, mechanical issues and environmental factors.  Determining who is responsible for a truck accident and the actual causes of trucking accidents involving an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, big rig or other large commercial truck is a complicated process.  At  Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP, our truck accident lawyers in Delaware are experienced when it comes to investigating the details of an accident to help us effectively represent injured victims and their families. We have the knowledge to guide through what to do after a truck accident.

A Comprehensive Truck Accident Investigation is Essential

A thorough investigation into the facts of a truck accident is crucial and needs to be initiated immediately after the accident occurs.  If there is a delay for any reason, critical evidence may be lost making it much more difficult to prove who was at fault.  Contacting a skilled accident attorney who focuses their practice on truck accident litigation is the best option for injured victims to achieve a successful outcome.  Trucking companies typically send their own investigator or insurance representative to the scene very quickly. They are there to represent the truck driver and trucking company in an effort to minimize their liability.

Crucial Elements of a Truck Accident Investigation

There are several key elements that need to be incorporated into truck accident investigations.

  • Witness Interviews:  Eyewitnesses to the accident or other individuals, including law enforcement officers, directly involved in the accident need to be interviewed.  Their detailed accounts can be extremely helpful in determining the source of the accident.  Names and contact information should be obtained and recorded for later use.
  • Photographs:  Taking photographs of the actual accident scene, vehicle damage, debris or fallen cargo on the road, skid marks, fuel stains, property damage, injuries sustained in the accident as well as any other pictures that may be pertinent to the case are a necessary part of the investigative process.
  • Truck Inspection:  A thorough examination of the interior and exterior of the truck involved in the accident is essential.  Physical damage to the vehicle may give a truck accident lawyer more insight into additional factors that could be associated with the cause of the accident including any product or manufacturing defects.
  • Truck Driver’s Log:  Truck drivers are required to keep records of their driving time, rest periods, meal breaks and other information under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Some drivers may alter their logs in an effort to complete their deliveries and meet their deadlines.  We have the skill and knowledge to determine if a logbook has been falsified.
  • Black Box Recorder:  Most large commercial trucks  are equipped with a black box or electronic on-board recorder that is capable of recording vital information such as truck speed,  brakes usage and other information that may be contributing factors in an accident.  Securing this information must be done quickly before it is erased or lost.
  • Truck Reports:  Federal regulations mandate that large trucks be routinely inspected and maintained but some trucking companies fail to comply with these laws. Vehicle deficiencies such as worn brakes, broken mirrors and bald tires could  be responsible for an accident.
  • Truck Driver History:  Obtaining a truck driver’s history of traffic violations may prove helpful in identifying patterns of negligent driving behavior.  A driver’s qualifications should also be verified.  All drug and alcohol testing reports should be reviewed.
  • Other Documents:  Other documents such as meal, fuel and weigh station receipts, cell phone records and an official copy of the accident report help us prove fault in truck accident lawsuits.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP:  Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers Advocating for the Rights of Injured Victims in Delaware

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