Delaware Trucking Accident Lawyers: 20/20 Report Documents the Dangers of Fatigued Truck Drivers

Delaware Truck Accident Lawyers Highlight Common Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents
August 23, 2016

A new report reveals some alarming information regarding commercial truck drivers. Drivers of big rigs are often pressured by their employers to continue to drive, often ignoring their level of fatigue. Many truckers will comply for fear of losing their jobs. Sadly, this unnecessarily puts many innocent people at risk of being involved in a trucking accident.

The burden of delivering freight on time may also cause many truck drivers to drive while fatigued. Moreover, commercial truck drivers only are paid when they are driving. This creates an additional incentive for truckers to continue driving regardless of their sleep-deprived state. In some instances, truck drivers go so far as to falsify information regarding their rest and break times in order to continue operating their big rig.

ABC News program, “20/20,” recently spotlighted a news story on the real hazards of tired truck drivers. The program includes a report of one trucker calling in to his employer to report he was too tired to drive and had to pull off the road and stop. In this instance, two company dispatchers told the trucker to drink some coffee and get back behind the wheel, while a third threatened discipline if the employee did not comply. Luckily, in this case a trucking accident didn’t occur, but the company’s response to a sleep-deprived employee was eye-opening and disturbing.

Driving when tired can result in catastrophic injuries if a fatigued driver is behind the wheel of a big rig on U.S. roadways. Sleep-deprivation is one of the trucking industries most significant safety issues. Sadly, many truckers continue to engage in this behavior to keep their jobs and bring home a paycheck for their families.

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