November 6, 2016

Truck Driver Fired for Following Safety Guidelines Gets Help from OSHA

A truck driver following the rules of the road was fired because he did the right thing and stopped to rest, and when he did, he missed the scheduled delivery that was impossible to meet without breaking the OSHA rules and law.
November 1, 2016

Drowsy Driving: Fact vs Fiction

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October 26, 2016

Chicken Truck Accident Shuts Down Southbound Lanes of Route 1

Police reopened Route 1 in Smyrna following a crash involving two tractor trailers. One of the trucks was hauling live chickens. The accident happened just before 4 am on Wednesday, October 12 in the southbound lanes close to exit 119. According to Cpl. Jeffrey Hall, a spokesman for the Delaware State Police, one truck overturned in the collision but neither driver was hurt. The chicken trailer spilled onto the highway, spilling a load of live chickens over a quarter-mile stretch of road. Motorists were advised to use U.S. 13 as an alternate route. One lane was reopened by 8:30 am...
October 8, 2016

Self Driving Trucks Will Hit the Roads in 2017

While many thought self-driving technology would remain in the realm of consumer cars for some time — after all, self-driving cars are still being tested in limited markets — the technology could become a big part of the future of trucking. A Silicon Valley start-up called Otto, which was started by former Google employees who were involved in the company’s self-driving car project, has started testing their self-driving technology on three Volvo commercial trucks equipped with radar, cameras, and spinning laser sensors. By May 2016, the trucks had already logged more than 10,000 miles. delaware trucking attorneyBeginning in 2017, Otto’s...